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Becoming an inventor

Meet Nathalie, a mechanical engineer at Dyson! Find out what she loves about engineering, inventing and innovating.

Academic / Vocational

Creating a good experience!

Zarin is an IT intern at Proctor and Gamble, and works to make a friendly customer experience!


Hair-raising chemicals

Jasmine Mucenieks takes new chemical formulations for hair care products fresh from the lab and works out the best way to produce these on a large scale. This is to make new products ready for the mass-market, so you can buy them from a shop near you!


Fresh air

Adil Kadar is a chemical engineer whose challenge at work is to help keep people smelling fresh across the whole world - not an easy task!

Academic / Vocational

Forward thinking foot fashion

We put ourselves in Asha's shoes, to find out what it's like to be a footwear production engineer at famous British boot brand Dr Martens.