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Help us make Neon inspiring for teachers by submitting all your brilliant engineering careers activities to be featured as experiences. Neon gives you a shop window and lets you target your audience, all free of charge and without the need to create an account.

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Quality matters to us

We want STEM teachers and their students to enjoy the very best engineering experiences, so we only feature experiences that meet our quality criteria.

Experiences that meet Neon quality standards:

  1. Include positive and contemporary messaging about engineering
  2. Raise young peoples’ aspirations:
    For primary: Broaden horizons, challenge career stereotypes, and put curriculum subjects into a real-life context
    For secondary: Include an explicit careers dimension and align with at least 2 Gatsby benchmarks
  3. Are designed and delivered so they are inclusive for students
  4. Are committed to embedding learning and improvements
  5. Clearly articulate expected learning outcomes
  6. Are transparent on cost and time
  7. Meet safeguarding, health and safety and data protection standards and have public liability insurance


Neon Contributor Guide May 2022 Cover

GUIDE for featuring your experiences on Neon

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Everything you need to know to get your brilliant interactive engineering activities featured as experiences on Neon!

Neon contributors overview

A variety of experiences

Experiences vary but they must all include an engineering element and help students understand more about careers in engineering.

Here’s an overview of the different types of experiences we feature on Neon:

Workshops: Practical activity sessions (one-off or a series)

Speakers: Visitors with inspiring stories to tell

Projects: Challenges where students research and display their findings on a specific topic

Competitions: Challenges with a time limit, a set of criteria for judging and a winning team or individual

Events: Fairs, festivals and exhibitions for learning away from the classroom

Trips: Inspiring visits for students to immerse themselves in engineering

Experiences can take place online, in schools or at other venues.


Select your target audience

Neon connects schools to experiences in their local area, ensuring that teachers can find experiences that are right for their students.

As a contributor you can say where your experience is available and which schools can see it. This can range from a specific postcode to a town, local authority, region or the whole of the UK.

You can also target your experience exclusively at schools with the highest proportion of young people from groups who are underrepresented in the engineering profession. Find out more


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