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Academic case studies

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Putting carbon in its place

Ifeoma works as a soil scientist at UNDO, a company working to remove carbon from the atmosphere with the help of enhanced rock weathering.


Creative design at Dyson

Meet Asad, a mechanical engineer on a mission to use his creativity to design accessible technology at Dyson.


Building a resilient future

Meet Divya and find out more about how engineers are helping to future proof our cities and towns.


Powering electric cars

Meet Elaine! Elaine works for Steer, analysing how to make the most out of electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to power them.

Vocational case studies

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Inquisitive engineering

Meet Niamh, an engineer who loves asking questions! Find out how she used her curiosity to help develop the Dyson Airwrap.

  • Ages 5 to 7

Becoming an inventor

Meet Nathalie, a mechanical engineer at Dyson! Find out what she loves about engineering, inventing and innovating.


The power of apprentices

Find out more about apprenticeships at ITM Power, who work with hydrogen and renewable energy.