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Down the drain?

Dealing with water and drainage infrastructure, Jack Huggins is a graduate engineer at Arup in their water sector in Cardiff.


A drop in the water

Lauren is a water engineer who makes sure the liquid we pour from our taps is clean and safe to drink.

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Connecting isolated rural people

Avery Bang from Bridges to Prosperity, and Marion O'Dowd from Bechtel, are engineers on a mission to help the developing world.

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Stemming the flood

Hiba Khan keeps people's homes safe from flooding and erosion.

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Saving lives at sea

RNLI lifeboat systems engineer, Rhodri Lewis, saves lives at sea through engineering


Marine dreams

About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and engineers like Martin Chan help to create ways of travelling across it. From transporting products to different countries, to protecting the seas and helping get energy from under the sea-bed, Martin helps Rolls-Royce create the propellers, boats or products their customers need.