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Helping those impacted by conflict

Choung Kyu Ryu from the Red Cross is on a mission to help people recover from disasters.

Choung Kyu Ryu Og

Name: Choung Kyu Ryu
Job Title: Water and habitat engineer
Company: British Red Cross

#EngineerOnAMission Video transcript

I'm CK. I'm working as a water and habitat engineer with International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC.

My mission is for helping people under the impact of the conflict ongoing in Yemen. Right now in Yemen I'm managing a water and sewer programme which requires lots of engineering skill and also project management skill.

Our water system is really essential for people under the impact of the conflict and also to cope with the ongoing cholera situation in Yemen. Cholera has been, like, really big this year in Yemen. And also because of the impact of the conflict many of the sewers are broken. And by repairing the sewer system we can greatly improve the public health.

With the mandate of the ICRC we are intervening in hospital facilities, health facilities and also detention facilities too, so we are doing these kind of interventions.

This work makes me feel fulfilled in an engineering point of view, especially for my job. And it's not only about the engineering it's all about social equality and also equal opportunities.

What I'd like to suggest is, try to find what you like and what you want in your life. It could be helping others. It's up to you.

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