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Net zero farming through engineering

Charlotte Bugden is an apprentice at Bicton College and works on her family farm as well as studying - she is dedicated to making sure that the future of the farm is net zero.


Going loco for cocoa

Engineers working in a chocolate factory, like Aoibheann Hurley, design, assemble and improve production lines to make great chocolate on a large scale.


Ice ice baby

Chris has an ice cool engineering job making ice creams in Naples, in Italy - the home of modern ice cream. He helps make the swirling Cornetto patterns on a large scale for people in parks the world over.


Chocs away!

If Willy Wonka was an engineer, he might have a job like Rob Sharpley! Rob has been working to increase the amount of chocolate that his factory can produce in an energy-efficient way.


Rising star

Kaifer is a 25 year old engineering apprentice enrolled in an advanced multi-skilled apprenticeship for PepsiCo UK.

Academic / Vocational

Engineering and chewing gum

Maria Torres works for Wrigley's - she tells us how engineering got her involved in making gum.


My route into food engineering at the Wrigley company

Today was the day I re-enrolled for my 2nd year at Plymouth University… I’m starting to feel scared, but excited to be learning new engineering skills that will help me be a better engineer in the future.


Chewing safely

Sarah Cain from Wrigley Company is an engineer on a mission to help people access safe food.