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Walk this way

Walking, running and moving are things that most people can luckily take for granted much of the time. But, if you have an injury or disability this can make these activities more difficult. This is where rehabilitation engineering comes in. Everybody is different - and engineers like Louise help design equipment that will work for a particular person.


Serving up tennis technology

James works as a sports engineer at the International Tennis Federation in south-west London. He helps to keep a balance between tradition and technology in this forward-thinking sport, covering balls, rackets, court surfaces and footwear. We took a trip down to their testing lab to find out more.


Cricket, wickets, maths and physics

Dr David James is a sports engineer and course leader for the Sports Engineering MSc at Sheffield Hallam University. Read about how he helps big sports companies, sports governing bodies and professional teams in their quest for cutting-edge sports equipment.


A new track record

Structural engineering can play a crucial role in sports by building stadiums that allow everyone can see the action. We spoke to Pete about his involvement with the Velodrome and other projects!


Virtual sports

Patty Srinath works in the Digital Sports department at the Nike headquarters. She uses her engineering knowledge and her love of sports to make brand new gadgets to track and measure our fitness!



Holly tells us about her life studying and working in motorsport engineering, and the exciting and challenging times she has along the way.

Case Study

Making a pitch

Sean is an engineer on a mission to build new hi-tech artificial football pitches that can be used all year round.