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Behind the music

Behind every great gig or festival like Glastonbury, there are people working to make sure the audience hear the band in the best possible way. Some of these people are called live sound engineers.


All ears

Eloise is responsible for things that go bump on the radio, or bark, or crash! As a sound engineer she uses the latest recording technology to make radio drama sound realistic!

Academic / Vocational

Good Vibrations

From the Arctic Monkeys, to Ed Sheeran and the Manic Street Preachers; Guy Massey is the sound engineer recording some of the best in the business.


Mix master Mandy

Mastering engineer Mandy Parnell puts the final touches to musicians' recordings to make them sound great, and has worked with The XX, Björk, Feist, Brian Eno, and more.


A sound apprentice

We caught up with Glenn Ward from the BBC's The Apprentice, now an electronics engineer at Cadac, to see what kind of sound magic happens behind the scenes at your favourite show.

Case Study

One Direction's sound engineer

What's it like working as a globe-trotting sound engineer to the world's biggest pop band? David Martell is the man who has the answers.


Making waves

Acoustic engineers make gigs, concerts and speeches sound great. Arthur works with architects to improve sound in new buildings through good design...