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Researching radiotherapy

Poppy uses her love of physics to develop and research treatments for cancer patients.


Maths in medicine

Nargiza is a researcher working in medical imaging. She uses maths and computing skills to help doctors look after our health and wellbeing! 


Improving the lives of cancer patients

As a biochemical engineer Chika gets to problem solve and help change people's lives. Chika's research focuses on optimizing the process for making biopharmaceutical drugs to improve the lives of those with cancer!


Walk this way

Walking, running and moving are things that most people can luckily take for granted much of the time. But, if you have an injury or disability this can make these activities more difficult. This is where rehabilitation engineering comes in. Everybody is different - and engineers like Louise help design equipment that will work for a particular person.


Taking the pressure

Samuel is a biomedical engineer working in the field of blood flow and blood pressure.

Case Study

A design for swimming

Ellen Harper gets people with restricted mobility swimming through inclusive design.

Academic / Vocational

Standing on new legs

As an amputee, engineering student Rishi Vegad acutely understands how engineering can make life better.


Targeting cancerous cells

Professor Rebecca Shipley leads a team developing tools to understand the structure of cancerous tissues.

Academic / Vocational

Finding medical cures

Jemima Armstrong from GSK is an engineer on a mission to help find medical cures.