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Researching radiotherapy

Poppy uses her love of physics to develop and research treatments for cancer patients.


Maths in medicine

Nargiza is a researcher working in medical imaging. She uses maths and computing skills to help doctors look after our health and wellbeing! 


Programming Marty the robot

Siobhan is a lead developer for Robotical, and leads her team to programme Marty the robot to be the best he can be!

Academic / Vocational

Creating a good experience!

Zarin is an IT intern at Proctor and Gamble, and works to make a friendly customer experience!


Coding drones to save lives

Dilani is a research and systems engineer at Herotech8. Find out how her work had led to live saving technology and get inspired by her top tips for a career in robotics.


On software engineering

Conor Graham talks about why he enjoys software engineering, and how you can get involved.

Case Study

Programming for dementia

Severin Skillman develops software applications and systems to help dementia patients.


A spark for engineering

Allanah is a software engineer at BT, who switched to an apprenticeship in 6th form to learn directly from industry professionals.


Making movie magic

If you’ve ever wondered how blockbusters get to look so good, it’s down to the work of people like Eugenie von Tunzelmann who make ground-breaking visual effects.