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Working with friends

Matt is a systems engineer who works on submarines, but in his spare time he also works with his friends to create The3Engineers storybooks.

Academic / Vocational

Get creative with engineering

When Nick isn’t working as a design engineer, he’s working on The3Engineers project – using his engineering skills to create eco-themed books for children.


Rendering movie magic

Lucy is a London-based visual effects artist who helps bring the biggest Hollywood films to the silver screen at VFX House, Double Negative.


Engineering - the golden ticket to a great career

As an automation engineer, Ben Phillips gets to go behind the factory gates of West End musical production Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We found out what working on a world-class theatre production involves.


Making movie magic

If you’ve ever wondered how blockbusters get to look so good, it’s down to the work of people like Eugenie von Tunzelmann who make ground-breaking visual effects.