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Building resilience in uncertain times

The Coronavirus pandemic will have far-reaching implications for young people’s mental health and wellbeing – this collection can help build pupils’ resilience and spark some much-needed positivity in uncertain times.

Building resilience in uncertain times

Many young people are feeling more anxious than ever about the future. This collection will help boost your students’ ability to manage their emotions and to stay motivated, even when facing setbacks.

Each experience on Neon builds on a set of essential skills – the ones featured here focus on staying positive, or how to use strategies to overcome challenges and achieve goals. You can also use the case studies and resources we’ve selected to inspire students by showing them that no matter their circumstances, they can achieve great things.

Through teamwork, planning, tweaking, and celebrating accomplishments, you can give your students a sense of purpose and support them in navigating uncertain times.

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  • In-school
  • Multi-session
  • Cost may apply Bursaries available
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