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Espire Education

Espire exists to bring STEM learning to life. Using real-world Automotive Engineering & Motorsport principles to provide students with an answer to the question: “when will I ever use this in real life?!”. Our practical spanner-in-hand sessions operate alongside a gamified online academy; designed at ever stage to directly support the mainstream Maths & Science national curriculum. Let's make STEM truly meaningful, moving beyond traditional projects, using real resources to create lasting inspiration.

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2 experiences with Espire Education

Icon representing Secondary education Secondary

Spanner-in-hand Espire Experience Day

'When will I ever use this in real-life?' Espire's workshops answer this with hands-on motorsport engineering.

  • Ages 11 to 14
  • In-school
  • Full day
  • Cost applies
Icon representing Secondary education Secondary

STEM On Track

A year-long programme empowering teams to build a racing kart, learn the associated STEM theory and race against competing schools.

  • Ages 11 to 16
  • In-school
  • Flexible project work
  • Cost applies