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Spanner-in-hand Espire Experience Day

'When will I ever use this in real-life?' Espire's workshops answer this with hands-on motorsport engineering.

Spanner-in-hand Espire Experience Day

Espire exists to bring STEM learning to life. Using real-world automotive engineering and motorsport principles to provide students with an answer to the question: 'When will I ever use this in real life?'

The practical, in-school spanner-in-hand sessions operate alongside an optional gamified online academy, all components are designed to directly support the mainstream Maths & Science national curriculum.

The Espire Experience Day workshops give students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of STEM concepts as they explore the world of motorsport. The hands-on approach to learning allows students to dive into the mechanics of motorsports, and gain valuable skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. The expert instructors are passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and racers.

The pre and post Online Race Academy Modules allow students to become young engineers, experiencing the world of Engineering and Motorsport, making their classroom studies relevant. These have proven to boost academic success by an average of 35%.


Espire Experience Day options

- Full or half day

- Single focus group (x30 students - full time) or Carousel of rotating groups (x30 students - 1hr sessions)

- Optional pre and post Online Race Academy Module

The provider will arrange an initial call with you to discuss your school's specific requirements and begin to build your day.



Espire Experience Day is £750 +VAT for a full day or £500 +VAT for a half day.

Travel costs will apply at a rate of £50 for +50 miles from Northampton; £100 for +100 miles; £150 for +200 miles.

The Online Academy Module costs £149 for 30 log-ins or £199 for 200 log-ins.

Learning outcomes

  • Improve engagement, interest or enjoyment in STEM subjects

  • Improve attainment and progress in STEM subjects

  • Improve awareness and aspirations for STEM-related study and careers

  • Challenge stereotypes by showing the diversity of disciplines, people and skills involved in engineering

Subjects and topics

    • Chemistry
    • Computing
    • Design and Technology
    • Engineering
    • Maths
    • Physics
    • General engineering
    • Materials, products and manufacturing
    • Mechanical engineering, systems and processes
    • Transport

Gatsby benchmarks

The Gatsby benchmarks are a framework for good careers guidance for schools across all of England and in some areas across the rest of the UK. This experience helps your school to reach the following benchmarks:

  • Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers

Essential skills

The essential skills every young person needs to succeed in education and their future career. Find out more at the Skills Builder Partnership. This experience builds the following skills:

  • Problem solving - the ability to find a solution to a complex situation or challenge.

  • Teamwork - working cooperatively with others towards achieving a shared goal.

What the teachers say

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