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ECO Factory - Sustainable Logistics

So you thought logistics was easy! Get into the 21st century and make your products and factory truly sustainable and environmentally sound!

ECO Factory - Sustainable Logistics

It is hands-on, it's fun! It does require lots of Knex resource (is provided for the duration of the event).

The session has been delivered many times for many years and schools/colleges typically pay a fee for the managed delivery of the session unless other funding arrangements are in place.

The session can be run with any age/abilities. It can be adapted and extended easily to include lots of industrial careers and project management.


Minimum of 12 participants, maximum of 120 participants.


Typically £200 to 300 ex VAT for a day-long session and subject to additional mileage/travel/subsistence costs.


Ideally a day-long event, with Logistics factory forming the first session, but can be adapted to suit student numbers and age/ability groups. Typically this session is done as a competition and can be done as a number of sessions which can build up the skills of the teams gradually and can be used to foster the concept of continuous improvement (just like the real world environmental planning, engineering & industrial design and projects/manufacturing).

Learning outcomes

  • Improve engagement, interest or enjoyment in STEM subjects

  • Improve attainment and progress in STEM subjects

  • Learning what the engineering workplace is like

  • Develop engineering employability skills

  • Improve awareness and aspirations for STEM-related study and careers

  • Challenge stereotypes by showing the diversity of disciplines, people and skills involved in engineering

Subjects and topics

    • Design and Technology
    • Engineering
    • Maths
    • Physics
    • Design, art and fashion
    • Energy and environment
    • General engineering
    • Materials, products and manufacturing
    • Mechanical engineering, systems and processes
    • Structures, construction and civil engineering
    • Transport

Gatsby benchmarks

The Gatsby benchmarks are a framework for good careers guidance for schools across all of England and in some areas across the rest of the UK. This experience helps your school to reach the following benchmarks:

  • Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Experiences of workplaces
  • Encounters with further and higher education

Essential skills

The essential skills every young person needs to succeed in education and their future career. Find out more at the Skills Builder Partnership. This experience builds the following skills:

  • Creativity - the use of imagination and the generation of new ideas.

  • Problem solving - the ability to find a solution to a complex situation or challenge.

  • Staying positive - the ability to use tactics to overcome setbacks and achieve goals.

  • Teamwork - working cooperatively with others towards achieving a shared goal.

What the teachers say

We would love to read all about your time with this experience!

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Dave came to school to do an Eco Factory workshop as part of our green-themed STEAM week. He worked with all our Y6 pupils, approximately 70, and they had a great day. The pupils were engaged and motivated and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Dave ran the show professionally and it was a well-oiled machine. The cost was reasonable and Dave was flexible, helpful, and supportive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Elizabeth Ward Primary
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STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors from a wide range of STEM-related jobs to help bring subjects to life.

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Logistics Factory

Build, build some more, build higher, build faster, build better!

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Sustainable Solutions

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