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Learning through competition

Inspire young people to learn new skills and do their very best by taking part in engineering competitions!

Learning through competition

A bit of healthy competition can really enhance students' learning and teach them valuable life lessons. The key is to make sure they enjoy the journey of discovery, even if winning is the cherry on the cake!

When students take part in competitions, whether on their own or in teams, they will: become more inquisitive, research independently, innovate and come up with creative solutions, become more resilient to setbacks, learn to work with others, analyse outcomes, learn to communicate their findings effectively, and work to a set deadline and judging criteria... all of which are crucial skills that will prepare them for life and the world of work.

Neon hosts a range of online, in-school and offsite STEM competitions for all age ranges. Students could work on projects ranging from health to the environment and from computing to design and technology. The options are endless and what's important is that students are empowered to work on issues or topics that inspire them. Have a look at our selection of epic engineering competitions below or use the filters on the main experiences page.

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