The Neon bursary scheme

Neon brings STEM to life through real-world engineering. Explore our brilliant experiences, inspiring careers resources and case studies that showcase modern engineering. 

We are offering £700 bursaries to schools that work with young people from groups who are under-represented in the engineering profession. The bursaries aim to get more young people from these groups involved in STEM and engineering engagement by enabling schools to take part in the activities listed on Neon. 

Schools that meet the EngineeringUK EDI criteria are eligible to apply. You are not eligible to apply if you have previously received a Neon bursary. 

The bursary can be spent flexibly, so long as it contributes to meeting the above aims of the bursary, this includes spending on: 

  • paying for an experience listed on Neon 
  • teacher or technician cover 
  • digital or in-person activities to enhance the Neon experience 
  • materials or resources to support the Neon experience, which may be general such as paper, printing, etc. 
  • purchasing or leasing equipment that is specifically needed for the Neon experience 
  • purchasing equipment that will create a legacy from delivery of the Neon experience (e.g. a 3D printer) 
  • travel to the Neon experience 

You can see examples here of how schools have used their Neon bursary. 


Involving young people from groups who are under-represented in engineering  

One of the aims of this bursary is to ensure that young people from groups who are currently under-represented in engineering are able to take part in the experiences on Neon. This includes: 

  • young women 
  • young people from lower socio-economic groups (for example those eligible for free school meals) 
  • disabled young people and those with special educational needs 
  • young people from ethnic minority backgrounds 

Please also ensure that young people from all attainment levels are involved in the programme. 


Application process 

Applications are currently closed. Please check back for updates. Registered users receive our weekly newsletter which will include details of the next round of bursaries.