Class Of Your Own

Class Of Your Own is the award-winning social enterprise and creator of the ‘Design Engineer Construct!’ Learning Programme (“DEC”), a pioneering curriculum focusing on the architecture, engineering and construction of the ‘Built Environment’.

By integrating STEM subjects and real-world project-based learning experiences, DEC educates and inspires children and young people to contribute positively to a net zero carbon future, giving them 21st-century skills and a deep understanding of design, engineering and construction concepts for a more sustainable world.

For schools seeking a curriculum that encourages creativity and innovative thinking, DEC comprises a range of small entry-level projects through to advanced globally-recognised qualifications, giving young people the best start in further and higher education, and the world of work.

This innovative programme provides a unique opportunity for collaboration with academic and industry partners, providing exposure to real-world professionals and a taste of future careers in this vital, digital sector.

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COYO Challenge 2024

Challenging secondary school teams to design a NET ZERO rail station; a community hub that stands out as a beacon of sustainability, and a route that connects to a mainline station.

  • Ages 11 to 16
  • In-school
  • Flexible project work
  • Free