Get started with engineering inspiration

Teachers are amazing, but we know that you’re often stretched for time and are looking for more ways to engage and inspire your students.

We have pulled together a collection of ‘quick wins’, activities to suit everyone, top tips and stories about how to use all the things featured on Neon to bring STEM to life for your students. We hope you find it useful!

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Supporting teachers with engineering inspiration

Engineering is about making a difference to the world by solving problems, improving things and designing things. The scope and breadth of the engineering sector is huge.

Use our leaflet to familiarise yourself with key points about engineering careers to talk about with your students.


Bitesize inspiration

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We know that time can sometimes be tight and have collected a range of activities below that are quick to run with your class and require little to no preparation.

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Drax in the classroom

Interactive webinars that bring the operations of Drax Power Station, the UK's largest power station and decarbonisation project, into the classroom. Learn how we generate electricity from biomass and are developing bio-energy carbon capture and storage to help tackle climate change.

  • Ages 7 to 11
  • Online
  • Up to an hour
  • Free
Icon representing Secondary education Secondary

Common Good Challenges

Engineering challenges that inspire young people to give engineering a go, following in the footsteps of great engineers from the North East.

  • Ages 11 to 14
  • Online
  • 1 to 2 hours
  • Free

Activities for all timeframes

There’s something for everyone on Neon, regardless of how much (or little) time you have available.

Under 1 hour

Why not consider a video from our real world engineers or getting a virtual encounter through the Stem Ambassador programme.

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Half a day

How about a longer workshop or hands-on session for students to immerse themselves in engineering.

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A day

Have a whole day at your disposal? Take a look at some full-day challenges and trips to inspire your students into engineering.

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Learn from other schools

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Hear from schools across the UK and get practical tips on how to use activities and resources from Neon to inspire your students.


Teacher tips

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Watch the videos below for some top tips on how other teachers have engaged and inspired their students into engineering.