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Super Stixx Engineering Challenge

Students learn hands-on how engineers think & work while developing their problem solving and teamworking skills.

Super Stixx Engineering Challenge

In these workshops, students discover how engineers think and work, along with some of the basic concepts involved in engineering. These active, engaging sessions inspire young people to consider this career while developing their creative problem solving and team working skills.

Using our STIXX machine, newspaper is turned into super-strong sticks that can hold large weights when constructed well. Students learn how engineers work and where they work, broadening their knowledge and awareness. They then design and build their own constructions using the STIXX.

Our workshops can be based around different themes depending on the students' age or ability. Students can build bridges using STIXX by researching some of the shapes that are used in real life, then test the bridge to see how much weight they can hold. Or, they could use the session to design and build their own furniture for a specific purpose or need.

For younger pupils we can look at the importance of shapes in structures and then build structures using those shapes.

These workshops offer a fun and flexible way to introduce engineering while linking to the curriculum, Gatsby Benchmarks, and OFSTED, while highlighting future career possibilities.


Minimum of 10 participants, maximum of 32 participants.


Contact us for a full quote tailored to your requirements.

Dates and Location

We do not charge travel costs on top of our workshops if the location is within one hour of our office in Sandbach. Over 1 hour we will charge mileage, and over 2 hours we may need to add accommodation costs on top but we can offer a full quote before purchase.


The workshops can be a half (around 2.5 hours) or a whole day (around 5 hours) and fit in with a normal school day's break and lunchtime.

Learning outcomes

  • Improve engagement, interest or enjoyment in STEM subjects

  • Develop engineering employability skills

  • Improve awareness and aspirations for STEM-related study and careers

  • Challenge stereotypes by showing the diversity of disciplines, people and skills involved in engineering


  • Materials
  • Forces

Working scientifically

Whichever curriculum your school follows, pupils should have the opportunity to carry out practical investigations in science that help them to develop their scientific skills. This experience builds the following enquiry skills:

  • Asking questions
  • Making predictions
  • Observing and measuring
  • Interpreting and communicating results
  • Evaluating

Essential skills

The essential skills every young person needs to succeed in education and their future career. Find out more at the Skills Builder Partnership. This experience builds the following skills:

  • Aiming high - the ability to set clear, tangible goals and devise a robust route to achieving them.

  • Creativity - the use of imagination and the generation of new ideas.

  • Problem solving - the ability to find a solution to a complex situation or challenge.

  • Teamwork - working cooperatively with others towards achieving a shared goal.

Good for a career in...

  • Construction
  • Design
  • Environment
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