Get started with engineering and technology inspiration

Teachers are amazing, but we know that you’re often stretched for time and are looking for more ways to engage and inspire your students.

We have pulled together a collection of ‘quick wins’, activities to suit everyone, top tips and stories about how to use all the things featured on Neon to bring STEM to life for your students. We hope you find it useful!

Inspiring Future Engineers Notes For Teachers Cover

Supporting teachers with engineering and technology inspiration

Engineering and technology are about making a difference to the world by solving problems, improving things and designing things. The scope and breadth of the engineering sector is huge.

Use our leaflet to familiarise yourself with key points about engineering careers to talk about with your students.


Bitesize inspiration

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We know that time can sometimes be tight and have collected a range of activities below that are quick to run with your class and require little to no preparation.

Icon representing Primary education Primary

Tech We Can Champions

Tech We Can Champions are volunteers who visit schools virtually or in person to inspire future generations about a career in tech.

  • Ages 5 to 11
  • In-school
  • Up to an hour
  • Free
Icon representing Secondary education Secondary

Skills Miner Home Energy - Education with Minecraft

Interactive and educational Minecraft game to play in the classroom: give a budget to an 11 to 14 year old and let them compete to build the most sustainable heating system for their home!

  • Ages 11 to 14
  • Online
  • Up to an hour
  • Free

Support for teachers

Making it relevant for subject leaders

Find out how schools in North East England have explored ways to embed careers into the curriculum.

Gatsby Foundation website

Career route map for teachers to share with their students

A detailed route map showing possible routes into a career in engineering or technology, through education and training in England.


Career route map for engineering

Teacher's Guide - Linking careers to the STEM curriculum

Linking Careers to the STEM Curriculum is a careers resource aimed at teachers of science, design and technology, computing, engineering and mathematics. It offers immediate ideas to try, longer term solutions and resource recommendations for linking careers to lessons.

STEM Learning website

Teaching aids for career leads

This series of videos from Teachers TV looks at the kind of skills needed to work in STEM professions, examines the careers available and includes advice from research scientists, engineers and project managers.

STEM Learning website

Free Lesson Plan: Learning About STEM Careers

A free lesson plan from Youth Employment UK. Students will research a range of careers linked to STEM subjects and present back to the class what information they have found.

Youth Employment UK website

My Learning My Future

My Learning, My Future is a suite of Benchmark 4 resources to support subject teaching staff to engage students in curriculum learning by highlighting the relevance of their subjects to future careers, opportunities and pathways.

CEC website

My World, My Future: where can STEM take me?

A 4-page downloadable guide for students of all ages, with suggested STEM inspiration and career resources to explore at home, including podcasts, competitions and days out.

Inspire your students

Use these role models to get students excited about engineering and technology careers.

This is Engineering

Whatever your background, engineering can help you be the difference in the world. This is Engineering heroes reveal why they chose engineering and how they followed their passions into a rewarding career.

AFBE school programmes

The Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE) The NextGen and Making Engineering Hot programmes use inspiring role models to bring engineering careers to life for students aged 6 to 18.

Black heroes of maths

In celebration of Black History Month in the UK, and for the Black Heroes of Mathematics conference 2022, ICMS has worked with Nira Chamberlain to produce a poster celebrating Black mathematicians.

STEM Ambassadors

Life-changing impact for young people, delivered by 37,000 STEM professionals, from a wide range of jobs, in classrooms and communities throughout the UK. Inspiring communicators and relatable role models.

Financial support for your school

Find out where to apply for funding and get tips on how to write a great application.

Learn from other schools

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Hear from schools across the UK and get practical tips on how to use activities and resources from Neon to inspire your students.

Activities for all timeframes

There’s something for everyone on Neon, regardless of how much (or little) time you have available.

Under 1 hour

Why not consider a video from our real world engineers or getting a virtual encounter through the Stem Ambassador programme.

Half a day

How about a longer workshop or hands-on session for students to immerse themselves in engineering.

A day

Have a whole day at your disposal? Take a look at some full-day challenges and trips to inspire your students into engineering.


Teacher tips

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Watch the videos below for some top tips on how other teachers have engaged and inspired their students in engineering and technology.

Engaging parents in engineering and technology careers