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Inspiration through hands-on engineering activities

What better way for students to learn and be inspired than to immerse themselves in the world and wonder of engineering?


Experiential learning environments provide endless benefits for all ages, indeed research shows that students of all ages learn better when they are actively engaged in their learning journey. 

The high-quality, hands-on experiences listed on Neon allow students to develop engineering habits while making the learning memorable and fun. 

The one listed below are very hands-on and as such are engaging but also educational, linking to the curriculum, OFSTED, and Gatsby Benchmarks. 


Icon representing Primary education Primary

Experience Day Challenger Workshops

Hands-on, practical workshops for up to 90 students delivered face-to-face or virtually by EDT's education team!

  • Ages 9 to 11
  • In-school
  • Multi-session
  • Cost may apply Bursaries available
Icon representing Secondary education Secondary

STEM Truck Activity Day

The Blair Project's STEM Truck activity days provide young people with hands-on STEM activities that link to real world careers.

  • Ages 11 to 18
  • In-school
  • Full day
  • Cost applies

Careers resources and case studies