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Engineering without borders

STEM ambassador Ayisha is keen to highlight that there is a place for women in the engineering sector.

Ayisha Pawr Og

Name: Ayisha Paw
A Levels: Maths, Law, Chemistry, Spanish
Degree: Civil Engineering at UCL
Job Title: Civil and Environmental Engineer
Company: Arup

Ayisha grew up in London, and up until the end of her A-Levels where she studied maths, law, chemistry and Spanish, had no idea what degree she wanted to study but knew that she was interested in on her interest in saving the planet, and helping others.

Ayisha has always had a keen interest in sustainability and the way that energy can change the world. During her degree, she worked on projects such as site visits to farms whilst engaging on a project which turned animal methane into an environmentally friendly source of energy – a project that she never imagined she would be part of.

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Her proudest achievement was her involvement as part of a scheme called ‘Engineers without Borders’ whereby she installed solar pumps into disadvantaged areas in Mexico. She is keen to showcase that engineering roles are not boring and stationary jobs, but are actually very people focused.

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Ayisha is also a STEM ambassador, and is keen to highlight that there is a place for women in the engineering sector. She particularly believes that there is scope for women within environmental engineering due to the humanitarian aspects, her biggest driver is being able to help people.

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