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Connecting communities with HS2

Meet Leon, an apprentice helping to connect communities with his work on the HS2 trainline

Leon Line Cropped

What do you do?

I am currently an apprentice working on HS2, and there are many opportunities for apprentices/engineers on this project.

Currently, I am working on the redevelopment of Euston Station in Central London to be ready for its role as a London station for the HS2 train line.

The apprentices at HS2 have had a great impact on the project, helping to create a great future on the transport industry. 

How did you become an engineer?

I studied a civil engineering degree at The University of London Design and Engineering.

What do you love about engineering?

The engineering industry not only helps local communities, but also drives a change to benefit future generations and shapes the world around us.

Every single day, something in our connected world is changing, which enforces our ways of engineering to adapt to fulfil the needs of our population and the advancement of technology.

Being in civil engineering enabled me to build a meaningful career – allowing me to maintain, build and design tracks or roads that get us everywhere we need to go, and build communities that help everyone to thrive.

A career in engineering is lifelong. There lots of opportunities to help you be successful and move into higher management positions.

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