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Helping people get the right air quality

Sujith Kollamthodi from Ricardo is an engineer on a mission to help people get the right air quality.

Sujith Kollamthodi Og

Name: Sujith Kollamthodi
Job: Practice Director
Company: Ricardo

My name is Sujith Kollamthodi, I work for Ricardo and I'm an engineer on a mission to help people get the right air quality.

Well, growing up I always loved cars so for me it was natural to want to engineer the next generation of cars. So I started working in the car industry as a development engineer. I did that for three years, and then I started realising about the societal impact of vehicles and impacts on air pollution and noise, and it made me think, maybe I should be doing something else.

So then I started working for a consultancy, starting to look at air quality issues, noise pollution, green house gases and climate change. And that's something that has really interested me since then. I'm really passionate about improving our air quality, so much so that I've actually gone an bought myself an electric car to really try and cut down on my environmental impact.

My job as an environmental consultant enables me to make a difference, to improve our environment. No two days are ever the same and it's really exciting. Well, I'm working on a really exciting project at the moment to look at the impacts of moving the whole of our car fleet to electric vehicles. What impact will that have on our air quality? On our greenhouse gas emissions? On climate change? And on our power sector? Will we be able to generate enough electricity? So, really exciting stuff.

I love my job, it really does make me happy. I really feel like I'm making a difference. What I really advise young people to do is choose something that really excites your passion and always keep learning.

Keep learning new things, because that is what makes things interesting.

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