The Physics Mentoring Project

The Physics Mentoring Project aims to increase the uptake of Physics post-16 in Wales. Taking part in the programme increases the confidence and resilience of students. They promote teaching careers to HE students and encourage gender equality in STEM.

This is done by placing up to two university students (mentors) into schools either in-person, virtually or a combination of the two. The mentors conduct near-peer mentoring which makes Physics relevant to their lives and highlights the transferable skills on offer. This happens over six weeks to GCSE-aged students (mentees) who are "unsure" about taking Physics post-16.

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The Physics Mentoring Project - Growing Connections

Physics Mentoring works to increase the number of non-males taking Physics post-16 by six weeks mentoring with trained university students.

  • Ages 14 to 16
  • In-school
  • Up to an hour
  • Free