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Use relatable, inspiring role-models to support pupils to discover where maths can take them!


We want to instill confidence and inspire ambition. We debunk the myth that maths is for males, and encourage more girls to choose maths. We support girls to discover where maths can take them…. and how it can change the world!

Using Maths4Girls’ relatable, inspirational role models in the classroom can combat unconscious gender bias, increase visibility of women in maths, and increase awareness of further study routes and careers that use maths.

Available online, or in the classroom when restrictions permit, Maths4Girls volunteers share their career journey, they explain what their job is and how they got there. They will also allow time to answer pupil questions.

Maths4Girls speakers come from a range of maths-based business and industry sectors including engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, sciences and finance. Where appropriate, they will link their job to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and how their job makes a difference.

Your event can be at a date and time that is convenient for you. For an online event we suggest 30 minutes to an hour, and 2 to 4 speakers

Available for all pupils, aged 11 years and over.


Minimum of 5 participants, maximum of 300 participants.


Up to an hour.

Learning outcomes

  • Improve engagement, interest or enjoyment in STEM subjects

  • Learning what the engineering workplace is like

  • Improve awareness and aspirations for STEM-related study and careers

  • Challenge stereotypes by showing the diversity of disciplines, people and skills involved in engineering

Subjects and topics

    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Computing
    • Design and Technology
    • Engineering
    • Maths
    • Physics
    • Agriculture and food
    • Biotechnology
    • Chemical engineering
    • Design, art and fashion
    • Electronics, robotics and programming
    • Energy and environment
    • General engineering
    • Materials, products and manufacturing
    • Mechanical engineering, systems and processes
    • Medicine and healthcare
    • Space and aerospace engineering
    • Sport and fitness
    • Structures, construction and civil engineering
    • Transport

Gatsby benchmarks

The Gatsby benchmarks are a framework for good careers guidance for schools across all of England and in some areas across the rest of the UK. This experience helps your school to reach the following benchmarks:

  • Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Encounters with employers and employees

Essential skills

The essential skills every young person needs to succeed in education and their future career. Find out more at the Skills Builder Partnership. This experience builds the following skills:

  • Creativity - the use of imagination and the generation of new ideas.

  • Listening - the ability to listen and understand information.

What the teachers say

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