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Remarkable robots

Whichever way you look at it, robots are big news! Check out this collection to see how your students could learn about and experience the exciting world of robotics! 

Remarkable Robots

Robotics features in so many innovations, from high-tech manufacturing and logistics through to surgery and prosthetic limbs.

This collection brings together experiences to learn about designing, building and programming robots to find solutions and improvements – and that it also takes determination, resilience and teamwork to succeed. The experiences cater to students at different levels and some include teacher CPD to give you the chance to update your skills too. 

With one eye on the future it’s no wonder there are so many robotics programmes out there, from workshops and in-school challenges to global competitions!  



i2E Micro:bit session

Introduction 2 Engineering stimulates student's interest in STEM subjects through hands-on, practical activities using the Micro:bit!

  • Ages 11 to 19
  • In-school
  • Half a day
  • Free

Electronics Everywhere

An engaging, practical way for teachers to deliver the fundamentals of Electronics.

  • Ages 16 to 18
  • In-school
  • 1-2 hours
  • Free, state schools only


A global robotics-based life skills competition.

  • Ages 9 to 16
  • In-school
  • Multi-session
  • Cost applies

FIRST Tech Challenge

The UK’s most epic STEM enrichment programme for young people*. We're not building robots, we're building the future.
*as voted by robots


  • Ages 12 to 18
  • In-school
  • Multi-session
  • Cost may apply

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